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Looking for a Toilet Upgrade, Toilet Repair, or Toilet Replacement in Washington? Trust Toilet Installation Tacoma Experts!

Common toilet problems create headaches that turn your bathroom from an oasis to a nightmare. At Toilet Installation Tacoma, our plumbing experts can help you nip toilet issues in the bud to enjoy lasting dependability and performance.

We don’t just fix toilet problems. We can help you enjoy a complete upgrade by introducing you to a new high efficiency toilet that offers the best in conservation, performance, and aesthetics! Are you wondering how to know that it’s time to replace your toilet? Here’s a look at the signs that it’s time to consider upgrading your toilet:

  • Your toilet is wobbling.
  • It takes more than one flush to get everything down.
  • You can see cracks in your toilet.
  • There’s visible surface damage on your toilet.
  • Mineral deposits are visible on your toilet.
  • You have a failing wax ring.
  • You’re noticing leaking and “sweating.”
  • You’re constantly repairing your toilet.
  • Your toilet is more than 15 years old.
Toilet Bidet Installation

Toilet Installation Tacoma offers fast service, fair pricing, and unmatched expertise. Let us help you have peace of mind over the state of your bathroom in Tacoma, WA.

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New Toilet Installation

Are you looking for a company that installs new toilets in Tacoma, WA? Toilet Installation Tacoma is the trusted choice when you need to install a new toilet. We can help with everything from new builds to remodels!

Toilet Replacement

Is it time to finally remove the outdated, low-performing toilet that’s been dragging down your bathroom for far too long?

Toilet Repair Replacement

Let us help you make the switch without worries about plumbing problems. We can remove your existing toilet for a safe, clean upgrade.

Our services are ideal if you’re remodeling a bathroom, building a new bathroom, replacing a toilet that’s causing plumbing problems, or simply swapping out your existing style for a modern option.

Toilet Upgrade

Your toilet may not be a good fit for your home if it’s old and outdated. Keeping an old toilet around can increase your risks for expensive clogs and leaks. You may also be wasting water and energy by repeating multiple flushes just to get your bowl to empty properly. Talk about an upgrade with Toilet Installation Tacoma! We can introduce you to a wide variety of toilet models for bathrooms of all sizes. Our experienced toilet experts can help you discover everything from basic toilets to ultra-luxurious designs.

High-Efficiency Toilets

Toilets have come a long way! If you’ve been living with a toilet that’s several years old, you may be missing out on the savings and beauty of a high-efficiency toilet. There are actually many perks to installing a high-efficiency toilet that you might not know about. First, high-efficiency toilets use about 20% less water than regular toilets. That means less water waste with much lower bills for your household! In addition to offering monthly cost savings, high-efficiency toilets also tend to break down less frequently than standard toilets.

Low-Flow Toilets

A low-flow toilet uses significantly less water than traditional toilets. If you’ve been struggling with high water bills due to a sluggish toilet, the difference will be amazing. While these toilets cost slightly more than ordinary toilets, the average homeowner can expect a new toilet to more than pay for itself based on the reductions in monthly energy bills.

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Toilet Repair or Replacement

If your toilet is giving you hassles, you may be wondering how to decide between toilet repairs and a toilet replacement. In many cases, minor issues can be quickly repaired to get everything running normally again. However, persistent issues that require repeated repairs may point to the idea that it’s time for a toilet replacement. In addition, some issues are simply too serious to be fixed. Toilet Installation Tacoma can come out to inspect all types of common toilet problems. Call us for:

Leaking Toilet Repair
  • Leaking.
  • Clogs.
  • Cracked toilet bowls.
  • A toilet that doesn’t fill up fully.
  • Bowl water level drops.
  • A whistling tank.
  • Slow, sluggish flushing.
  • A rocking toilet.
  • A toilet that’s filling on its own.
  • A toilet that won’t stop running.
  • A sweating toilet.
  • A bubbling toilet.
  • Rusty components.

Trying to fix a toilet on your own can create bigger problems if water flow gets out of control. In addition, any toilet upgrades or replacements must be done according to code in Tacoma, WA. Don’t stress over a toilet problem! Toilet installation Tacoma can get your problem fixed the right way.

Types of Toilets

If you’re planning a new toilet installation in Tacoma, you have many exciting options that can turn your bathroom into the best spot in the house! Some of the exciting options homeowners are upgrading to today include:

  • Low-flow toilets.
  • Wall-mounted toilets.
  • Dual-flush toilets.
  • Double-cyclone toilets.
  • Pressure-assisted toilets.
  • Gravity-flush toilets.
Comfort Height Toilet

Why a New Toilet Is Better

If you have an opportunity to install a new toilet at your home, you’ll see a world of difference when you select a newer high-efficiency model compared to the toilet you’ve been living with for years.

Toilets manufactured within the past 20 years often use less than half as much water as older units! High-efficiency toilets provide stronger flushes using less water and energy. That means you’ll save on your energy bills, avoid sluggish flushing, and get the perks of having a cleaner bowl.

In addition, upgrading your toilet allows you to choose a bigger, more ergonomic option that elevates your bathroom!

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